IMS Coolant Recovery Tank

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IMS Products, the industry icon for off-road innovation, is excited to introduce the all new Coolant Recovery Tank. Forget topping off coolant every ride, this new Coolant Recovery Tank (CRT) prevents fluid loss when bikes overheat as the fluid returns to the radiator when it cools automatically. Each time your bike overheats, vital coolant boils out onto the ground. This loss of coolant can be detrimental to engine life and cause premature wear on motor components. The all new IMS Coolant Recovery System acts as a catch tank, saves the coolant from spilling out, and then returns to the radiator when cooled. On select models, notably new KTM and Husky's, the CRT sits in the frame for easy installation and precise fit; other models may require the IMS bracket for installation elsewhere. The CRT is another advantage, having been utilized, tested and raced with, by the top Factory teams, that plays a large role in overall durability and performance. * 150cc capacity (5 fluid oz.) * Captures and reinfuses fluid during overheating * Tested and developed with factory race teams * Completely hidden once installed * Longer engine life * Sustained horsepower * Tested by Factory KTM and Husqvarna Off-Road Teams Application: Universal Kit (comes with installation hoses / zip ties)